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Although we are disappointed that we had to cancel our in-person event due to Covid-19, we are excited to announce that we have received an anonymous match donation to help Veritas School achieve its fundraising goals for the upcoming year!  

Our generous donors have agreed to match our contributions by $50,000!  This means, once we raise $50,000, Veritas will receive another $50,000, bringing our total contribution to $100,000!  Not only will we cover any gap in our operational funding and cover all commitments to our families who need assistance, but we will also have funds available for our long list of campus improvements!


During this time, we know many of you want to do whatever you can to help others.  Because we know many have been hit financially with this shutdown, we are reaching out beyond our Veritas families, into our community and asking our friends and neighbors in the surrounding areas to help as well!  

Not only will this help us reach our fundraising goal, but it will also give our event sponsors a wider audience to promote their businesses, and help us promote the good work being done at Veritas School to our community.

But we need YOUR help to succeed. 

We need you to do three things:

  1. Consider making the most generous contribution that you can today, in any amount.  You can write a check or give online.  Visit our website at: Support Veritas School for more details on how to give.
  2. Spread the word by sharing this news with at least 3 people – family, friends, neighbors or business associates who would financially support the mission of Veritas School.
  3. Watch for our social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram and Share! Share! Share! 

That’s it! 

Easy, right?  If we all work together to spread the word and share the load, we will reach our goal and help keep Veritas School financially sound.   We are all in this together, and we thank you for helping us keep our school strong, spreading the word, and promoting Veritas so that we can continue offering a classical Christian education to as many families as we can.    



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