Are you a teacher or parent, whether with a classical Christian school, private Christian school, or in a home school setting? Then join Headmaster Bryan Lynch and the teachers of Veritas School for a two-day teacher training as we contemplate the vital foundations of great teachers.

Like all great artists, the teacher must seek out, master, and apply the foundational principles of their craft to be successful. This teacher training will reveal the “secrets” of great teaching–which, of course, aren’t secrets–all great teachers use these in their classrooms, whether they know it or not!

Breakout sessions, run by experienced Veritas faculty, will also provide practical help for teachers for applying these foundations to their relevant grade level.

Foundation 1: Content Planning

– Learning targets/goals/objectives are planned first and shared with students

Foundation 2: Assessment

– Frequent checks for understanding are built into daily lessons

Foundation 3: Instruction

– All students are actively engaged in the learning, doing most of the work

Foundation 4: Class Culture/Management

– Consistency, respect, and support characterize the classroom


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Registration $115 per person