“The best kind of school, therefore, is one in which a system of teaching and morality is scrupulously observed. For although the goal of our studies is a knowledge of the physical world, still…if life is separated from teaching and letters, what usefulness does elegant and liberal education have?”

-Johann Sturm (1507-1589), Correct Opening of Elementary Schools of Letters

We Are Veritas

Classical Education

The curriculum of Veritas School seeks to recover the liberal arts tradition, and thus focuses on the liberal arts and sciences (including mathematics) in an effort to raise up children who are well prepared for the many callings to which they may be drawn as adults. This well-roundedness that is at the heart of a true liberal arts education necessitates that specialization is kept to a minimum and is reserved for older students. Therefore, nearly all courses of study are required for all students. Students in high school are given choices concerning their foreign language study and mathematics options in their senior year.

Christian Foundation

We believe that a student should not have to distinguish between God’s creation and science, between God’s order and mathematics, between church history and world history. Accordingly, at Veritas, there is an inseparable association between subject matters and spiritual matters. Literature selections are examined in the light of God’s admonition to seek out truth, beauty, and goodness. Scripts used in our theater productions are chosen for their reflection of a biblical worldview. The art teachers help our students understand that God is the Master Artist of the ages and that He places creativity in every person. Songs performed at our Christmas and spring concerts may be secular or sacred, yet they glorify God through our celebration of His gift of music.

This perspective affects more than just academics. Our staff strives to practice and instill biblical values and direction into every facet of the students’ day by helping with scripture memorization, teaching the observation-interpretation-application of God’s word, and working with the students on what it means to live out the Christian faith both personally and in relationship to others.

Exceptional Results

In short, we seek to cultivate the intangible traits of understanding, wisdom, virtue, godliness, and eloquence in our students. While Veritas students score well on standardized tests, including SATs, ACTs and Advanced Placement (AP) exams, and are accepted into selective colleges and universities, college preparation or job training is not our primary concern. We see to develop the entire person. See a complete description of what we strive to accomplish through the Portrait of a Graduate.