The House System

There are four houses at Veritas which are comprised of students from each of the six secondary grades (7th-12th). Our houses are named after the authors of the great poems of Western Civilization that form the basis of our Humane Letters program, and thus of our classical model: Homer (red), Virgil (green), Dante (blue), and Milton (white).

House Photo

The house system is a time-tested method of encouraging the “grafting” of new students into the culture of Veritas, as well as expanding the boundaries of fellowship across all grades, developing friendships based on a common interest. Because younger students often admire older students, the opportunities for leadership and discipleship are also greatly increased.

The house model is intended to create an atmosphere conducive to developing positive role models and peer pressure, encouraging good sportsmanship, and inspiring a vibrant personal walk with God. As the Houses compete annually for the Headmaster’s Cup (points are compiled regularly from PE competitions, academic recognition, participation in after-school activities and service projects, maintaining good attendance, etc.), the students are motivated to encourage their housemates to further develop traits such diligence in studies and commitment to serving others. Seniors and juniors, especially, lead and mentor underclassmen in a spirit of House kinship.

All students in seventh through twelfth grades are inducted into a House when they enter Upper School. They remain in this House until graduation. Siblings are typically members of the same House, as well.

House Coordinators for each house facilitate the achievement of the goals of our House system. Each coordinator oversees his/her House by organizing quarterly service projects, posting scores for the House competition, and seeking out and implementing opportunities to develop growth in fellowship, leadership, and Christian maturity in the secondary grades.

Each quarter, the Houses – led by secondary teachers and seniors – have time to focus on various service projects. Seniors rotate through the leadership positions so that every one has an opportunity to gain these invaluable skills through first-hand experience.

Though a fairly new program at Veritas, the House system has quickly become a vital and integral part of school life for our secondary students.   Through it, we pray that the vision and purpose behind each of these four groups will align with that of Joshua 24:15 in saying that, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!