Current Family Resources

Carline Instructions and Guidelines

Safety and Efficiency

  • Please don’t use your cell phone during carline.
  • Please don’t get out of your car when you’re in one of the pickup “stations.” If your child needs more help getting in your car than our sixth graders can provide, or if you need to give your child a hug before he or she gets in, please park your car, walk up to your child’s teacher, and fetch your child from there.
  • Please arrange car seats and groceries in such a way that your child can climb in from the passenger’s side without too much trouble or delay.
  • If you park and walk be aware of moving traffic and cooperate with the sixth grade worker in charge there.
  • Please make it easy for our carline workers to serve you–have your students’ last names and first names as well as their grade levels clearly displayed on a piece of paper taped to the passenger side front window, pull forward to the pickup stations, put your car in park, and wait for your children.
  • If you’re in your vehicle in carline, please don’t use this time for conversations with other parents. If you need to speak to someone, please park and find your friend on foot.


  • All our elementary students should be in their cars by 3:00. Things get messy when elementary students are still waiting to be picked up when the secondary students join the crowd at 3. Please pick up your elementary students on time.
  • If you are picking up both elementary students and secondary students, please plan to pick up the elementary students before 3:00, circle around, park if you need to, and pick up the secondary students after 3:00 and before 3:15.
  • And after 3:00, if you’re waiting for an secondary student who has not come out to carline yet, you must circle around and get in the back of the line.
  • Please tell your secondary students that it is their job to come out to carline as soon as they can, keep an eye out for their ride, and get into their vehicle as quickly as possible when it arrives. Please do not ask a sixth grade worker to find a secondary student for you; this is not their job.


  • There is only one correct way to navigate the parking area: counter clockwise. Come down the driveway and turn right as you enter the parking area. Circle around the edge of the parking lot and enter the student pickup area with your vehicle facing north (uphill).
  • If you’re walking in the parking lot, please be very careful. At this time, there are no marked crosswalks, but the two safest places to cross are at the south end of the Administration building or the north end of Building 2.

Uniform Policy

Veritas School exclusively uses Lands End and Dennis Uniform for all school uniform needs.

Lands End uniform pieces can be found online (Code# 900136276

Dennis Uniform pieces can be found in their physical location in Portland or online at Use Dennis Uniform for plaid items only – Choose from any of the “Marymount” plaid items available through Dennis Uniform – for elementary (K-6) girls only.

The complete Uniform Policy can be found here. Questions regarding acceptable uniform pieces can be directed to the school office.

primary-k-6-absencesStudent Absences/Appointments

If a student is ill or will be out of school for any reason  (doctor appointments, etc) parents need to contact the school via email by 8:30am on the morning of the absence rather than by calling the office.

High school students are able to sign themselves in and out of class during the day for excused absences.

If a student is absent and the school has not been notified, the parents will receive an email verifying their child’s absence.

Wellness Policy

Veritas Illness Policy: A child is considered ill if he/she has a temperature of 99 degrees accompanied with symptoms (headache, sore throat, ear ache, chills, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc…) If these symptoms develop during the day the child will be sent home. A child will not be able to return to school until they are fever and vomit free for 24 hours, without the use of medication. The administrative office shall be the final arbiter as to whether a child is too sick to remain at school on any given day.

Contributing Yearbook Photos

The yearbook club is always in need of photos. This year we are partnering with Lifetouch (our student photography company) to create our yearbook. The following link will take you to a pdf of the instructions for submitting photos for use.

Yearbook Upload Instructions

In addition to these instructions, please note: whenever you upload photos to our Lifetouch website to PLEASE also add your name to the item description or as a key word, and also back up the photos rather than deleting them from your files. We may possibly need to use your photos for other publications and would appreciate being able to contact you to get the original.

Finally, remember that you can always check out the cameras available in the office for campus events. If you know you will need a camera on particular day, please reserve it ahead of time, using the Reservation Sheet. To help streamline the contribution of photos for the yearbook, you can simply check out the camera, take the pictures, and then check the camera in. The yearbook club staff will retrieve the pictures from the camera and upload them to the Lifetouch site.

Hot Lunch Program

The Hot Lunch Program was designed to support class trips taken by the 6th and 8th grade classes.  Each class offers different food options during the week. The programs are managed by parent volunteers in each class. All questions about the program should be directed to those volunteers as the office staff has no involvement in these programs.

6th Grade

Panda Expressveritas-hot-lunch

Offered every Wednesday, the hot lunch includes your choice of four entrees and three sides.

Orders are taken once a month using the order form. Payment and the form must be turned in by the deadline listed on the order form.

For questions, please contact the Parent Coordinator directly.

8th Grade

Dominos Pizza

Offered every Friday, hot lunch includes 1, 2 or 3 slices of pizza, a side and a drink.

Orders are taken on a two month rotation using the online order form.   Orders are due by the date listed on the form.

For questions, please contact the Parent Coordinator directly.