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Student & Parent Accounts

Veritas uses several tools for students and parents: Student email accounts, Powerschool (for grades, assignments, attendance and more), and Google Classroom.  Read more about these tools here.

Wellness Policy & Absences

Wellness Policy:

A child is considered ill if he/she has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher and/or symptoms such as headache, sore throat, earache, chills, upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea. If these symptoms develop during the day the child will be sent home. A child will not be able to return to school until they are fever and symptom free for 24 hours, without the use of medication. The administrative office shall be the final arbiter as to whether a child is too sick to remain at school on any given day. If Covid-19 symptoms are present or a student tests positive for Covid-19, Veritas will follow the procedures as outlined by the Oregon Health Authority.


If your student will be absent, either due to illness or scheduled appointments or if you’re choosing to stay home and do online learning instead of in-person, please be sure to send an email to and your student’s teacher to let us know.

Veritas uses Lands End for school uniforms and Dennis for girls plaid pieces only.

Click here for our Uniform Guides and FAQ!

Veritas has a used uniform program exchange where families can donate used uniforms (that are still in good condition).  Donate your used uniforms in the school office.  Looking for used uniforms?  Email our used uniform coordinator and let her know what uniform pieces you’re looking for and what size.  Due to Covid-19, uniform bins won’t be available for drop-in shopping.

Carline Instructions & Map

Watch our animated video and see how carline drop-off and pickup works!

Veritas Library

View our online library catalog and place holds.

Parent Handbook
Smart Tuition Info

Simplify Tuition Management & Payment

If you are a parent and need information regarding your student tuition account, click here to find your balance, change contact information, or investigate activity fees.
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Immunization Data

Oregon School Immunization Rates

County Immunization Rates

County Yamhill
# of students counted in the school’s report 195
# Not Counted (Tracked by another site or attend fewer than 5 days per year) 0
% Vaccinated: DTaP/Tdap 89
% Vaccinated: Polio 91
% Vaccinated: Varicella 91
% Vaccinated: MMR1 92
% Vaccinated: HepA 90
% Nonmedical Exemptions Any Vaccines 15
% Nonmedical Exemption: DTaP/Tdap 11
% Nonmedical Exemption: Polio 9
% Nonmedical Exemption: Varicella 9
% Nonmedical Exemption: MMR2 9
% Nonmedical Exemption: Mumps 8
% Nonmedical Exemption: Rubella 8
% Nonmedical Exemption: HepB 12
% Nonmedical Exemption: HepA 10
% No Record 0
% Medical Exemptions 0


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