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1. Be sure to have your unique Smart Tuition ID number available before calling. It is printed on your Smart Welcome Letter and also on your monthly invoice.

2. You can always make a payment by phone or web at no additional cost by using a checking or savings account. If you choose to use a credit card, there may be a credit/debit card convenience fee associated with that transaction.

3. Remember that it takes one business day for a payment to post to your account. Be sure to make a payment at least one business day prior to your scheduled payment due date to ensure it is received on time.

4. You can always change your payment method if needed. For example, if you are scheduled for a bank auto-debit but find you need to make a payment with a credit card instead, you can go online and enter that payment or call 888-868-8828 24 hours a day, seven days a week and use Smart’s automated payment system. Please be sure to make this change at least three business days prior to your scheduled payment date.

5. You can always contact Smart Tuition by email as well as phone. Simply send your question to and receive a reply within two business days.

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