Tuition and Financial Aid

While Veritas School ranks third in the Portland metro area for SAT scores, our education costs  significantly less than comparable schools in the area. We believe an outstanding classical, Christian education should be attainable financially for anyone who wants it.

Tuition for the 2017-18 School Year:

tuition table

Tuition for the 2018-19 School Year:

Many families at our school have found ways to make a Veritas education possible for their children. Please consider the following creative solutions for paying tuition:

  • Become a substitute teacher at Veritas!  When you serve in this capacity, the school pays $12-$14 per hour toward tuition, and substitutes do not need to be state certified teachers.
  • Forego making accelerated payments on your mortgage or refinance your home to decrease your monthly payments.  Either action can free up funds on a monthly basis to pay tuition.
  • Free up monthly cash flow and get out from under car payments by selling an existing car and purchasing one of lesser value.
  • Request assistance from a grandparent.
  • Explore using a 529 Plan. This is a new possibility beginning in 2018.
  • Use home equity or borrow from 401(k) plan or other investment account.
  • If you’re not using EveryDollar ( or some other monthly budgeting tool, consider doing so today. Careful budgeting can free up a surprising amount of money each month.

We are not suggesting that these options are all feasible for every family, but they are worth prayerful consideration.

Financial Aid

Although it is important that the family assumes primary responsibility for financing a student’s education, Veritas School strives to assist families who are facing difficult financial situations and has committed funds to aid those who find themselves in such a situation.  In 2017-18 Veritas awarded over $100,000 in financial aid to 42 students, representing 20% of the student body.  Awarding financial aid is a challenging task. Analysis of financial need is accomplished through FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition), a third-party company that makes recommendations to Veritas. Aid awards are based on financial need and commitment to Veritas School. To complete a FAST application, please visit their website.

NEW FAMILIES: Please do not apply to FAST until you have submitted an application to Veritas School.

  • For returning families the priority application deadline is March 15. Copies of tax returns may be sent separately by April 15.
  • For new families, you are welcome to submit an application for aid after your New Family Application has been completed and submitted to the school. Please do not apply for financial aid prior to applying to Veritas.